Q: What happens if I am granted New Zealand permanent residency?
A: Inbound Student Plus only covers non New Zealand residents who study, and temporarily reside in New Zealand. If you are granted a residence visa or gain New Zealand permanent residency, cover provided under Section 1 Medical of your Student Plus cover ceases 21 days from the date you gain residency. As a New Zealand citizen you will need to purchase a medical insurance plan from a local heath insurance provider.
Q: Is cover available under the Inbound Student Plus policy for my wife who is travelling with me?
A: No, cover is only available to an enrolled international student. Your family can contact us on 0800 630 117 to purchase their own inbound policy.
Q: Do I need to arrange additional insurance cover if I am travelling overseas for holidays, study or medical electives?
A: If you are planning to study abroad, travel for a holiday to countries not covered under the travel cover provided, or you are doing an elective overseas you will need to purchase top-up cover as this is not covered under your Inbound Student Plus Insurance.
Q: I need to return to my home country due to the illness or death of a close relative - what do I do?
A: The policy provides cover for additional travel expenses, incurred as a result of you having to return to your country of origin during the period of insurance due to the unforeseen death, serious injury or serious sickness of a relative, provided that person is under 76 years of age and the injury or sickness occurred during the period of insurance. In most cases we will require a medical certificate to confirm the condition was not a pre-existing medical condition.